Must Have Apps For Shopify



privy shopify app

Privy is a free tool that you can integrate into your Shopify store to get user emails, ultimately leading to more sales. Privy is compatible with Shopify and Shopify plus too. Privy is a complete package of email marketing and e-commerce tools that you should not ignore. There's a lot of competition in the online world and generating sales seems impossible without such smart solutions. To beat the competition, you need to make sure that your customers stay loyal to your brand and retaining them might be impossible without email marketing.

The main purpose of Privy is to use different pop-ups and banners to get users’ emails or contact information. Growing your email list is not an easy task so you have to use most interactive methods to get the most effective results from email marketing tools. The complete app is fully automated and you don’t need to do any type of complex coding to integrate the Privy Shopify app into your store. Target potential clients for better conversions instead of wasting your time with useless tools.


instafeed shopify app

This is the best & most straight forward app for adding your Instagram feed to your Shopify store, it does exactly what it says on the tin and it's available on a free plan so it really is a no brainer.


stamped shopify app

This application allows you to display photo and video reviews on the pages of your online store. Basing on customer reviews, a top rating of goods will be formed.

With the help of Reviews app, you can moderate and comment on the feedback received, as well as show the top rating on the product and collection pages in Google search. Moreover, you can add positive mini-reviews on the checkout page.

If you wish, it is also possible to create a community where your customers will ask questions and receive answers regarding the products of your online store.

In Cart Upsell

in cart upsell shopify app

One of In Cart Upsell’s main selling points is that it upsells without the use of pop-ups. This app uses AI to auto-suggest products, offer discounts, and target offers based on the user’s location and number of items in the cart.

Thank You Email by Autoketing

thank you by autoketing shopify app

Autoketing’s app has one key focus:

Allowing ecommerce retailers to deliver “Thank You” emails to recent customers with ease.

With Thank You Email, you can set up a simple follow-up message to be sent automatically to customers after they make a purchase from your store. These messages can be sent immediately, or up to 60 minutes after a purchase has been made. The app also reports on deliverability statistics, allowing you to pinpoint the optimal time of delivery for your audience.

For retailers looking to thank their customers with no strings attached, there’s likely no better app out there to choose from. Give a sincere “thank you” to your customers, and they’ll feel all the more better about coming back to your brand in the future.

Lucky Orange

lucky orange shopify app

It can be frustrating to know that customers are visiting your site and maybe even adding products to their cart but end up leaving without making a purchase. Lucky Orange is a Shopify app that helps you discover why your customers are leaving without making a purchase. They do this by capturing a video recording of each visitor interacting with your website. Watching a recording of your visitors helps you discover where they get stuck, confused, or turned off by pricing.

In addition to video recordings, they offer vistor surveys, heatmaps and live chat, however we have only tested out their video recording feature.

Best Currency Converter

best currency converter shopify app

This currency converter Shopify app lets your store’s customer find out the cost of your products in their local currencies, and it comes with support for more than 170 different currencies.  Plus, BEST Currency Converter includes automatic location detection, so it will figure out where someone is located and automatically display prices in their currency.

Plug In SEO

plug in seo shopify app

Over 30,000 Shopify stores use this tool. Plugin in SEO is the complete package to optimise SEO, fix all your shop's SEO issues and drive more traffic.

Top Features of Plug in SEO:

  • This app genuinely helps improve organic rankings by optimising all the major SEO issues of your Shopify store.
  • It lets you bulk edit SEO data like meta tags and descriptions.
  • It adds Schema markup on your product pages.
  • The plugin helps fix broken links and image alt tags, and optimises your blog for higher rankings.
  • It lets you monitor your organic traffic and also offers easy integration with Google Webmasters Tools and Google Analytics.
  • It runs automatic SEO audits to check for SEO issues on demand.