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JOURNEY LONDON - Finding a different route for health & Fitness

Case Study


Self-Directed Project


As a society we are more body conscious than ever, thanks to every waking moment now being perceived as an instagram snap opportunity.
Out the window has gone the usual boring, repetitive gym routines in favour of alternatives which are more motivating, dynamic and yield greater results. My mission was to tap into this market and create an inspiring CrossFit brand to disrupt the norm.


A brand name, logo & website that engaged with the previously defined target audience for a CrossFit box.


Name Generation
Logo Design
Website Design
Website Development
responsive screen sizes on devices


Since the launch of the website I have surveyed current gym members of which 64% of people asked said they would consider joining Journey London after being shown the site.
of current gym
members surveyed
said they would
Consider Switching
To Journey London

Back Story

Our lives are busier than ever, there's more pressure to look the best version of yourself and gone are the days of a dusty photo album that's tucked away in a cupboard and only brought out on special occasions. We now live in the era of social media particularly Instagram where the body beautiful reigns supreme.

Society has become more and more body conscious, with around 1 in 7 people in the UK now having a gym membership. Of these, only 18% actually go regularly. This disconnect means that new alternatives are emerging, offering consumers high intensity workouts that are more dynamic, motivating and yield greater results.

One of these new alternatives is CrossFit, CrossFit centres are not called gyms, they are called “boxes.” They are the barebones of a gym and literally resemble a box, made of cement walls that contain bars, weights, and ropes. No TVs and no mirrors!

CrossFit also differentiates itself by employing a constantly varied approach to training, functional movements are executed with intensity over a timed period, this leads to dramatic gains in fitness. What makes CrossFit most different from other workout programs is the community-building and social environment that each box creates.

standard gym
Standard Gym


Having identified where the demand was within the health and fitness market with regards to gyms, I set about creating some user personas for the types of people who would use a CrossFit box.

journey london user personas
User Personas

After doing some more research into CrossFit, I found that for those who participate in it, it quickly becomes a way of life. This informed my decision for the brand name, I felt that Journey was an appropriate fit for the overarching name and then the location (London) to support it. The thinking behind this was that it would allow for scaling, for example in the future there could be a Journey New York.

journey london logo moodboard
Mood Board For Logo

With this mantra in place that CrossFit is a way of life for those who do it, it seemed logical to look at fitness lifestyle brands for inspiration such as Nike. When looking at these for a steer on the logo, what stood out to me was their typographic approach with the use of simple yet bold graphic elements.

logo ideas
Preliminary Logo Ideas In Sketchbook

The final logo has a dynamic feel to it, which is indicative of the positive impact that CrossFit can have on peoples health and fitness.

For the website it was important to carry forward this dynamic feeling as well as set an inspiring tone of voice with the copy used in it.

sketch wireframe design
Sketch - Wireframe - Design

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