The first step to a successful website starts by understanding your requirements. I’ll ask you questions to understand your market positioning, target audience, goals, content requirements, reference sites, materials and desired outcomes.



Once I’ve learnt what you need, it’s time to start planning how we are going to make it happen. Together we’ll map out your sites architecture and then in turn I’ll create lo-fidelity wireframes to communicate the hierarchy of information, how elements are laid out on each page and the pathway between the various pages. Think of the wireframe as the blueprint for your website.



I’ll explore a range of creative concepts resulting in a static mock-up of your site. Choices about typography, imagery and colour palettes will be made with your previously defined website goals in mind and how we can best achieve them. I’ll review the mock ups with you and refine/revise accordingly until the final design is approved.



Now that the final design has been signed off I’ll start developing your site. I’ll build your website using clean, W3C compliant, semantic code in a staging area. Once the site is built I will rigorously test it across devices, browsers and screen sizes.



On completion of the build I’ll get your final sign off before connecting your domain name to the site with a ssl certificate and register it with Google Search Console & Analytics. At this stage the site will be ready for you to share with the world.

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